AMAZed NOW is the first “all in one” app for the Generation Y to plan their perfect night out experience…

What does it take to experience a memorable night out? How to plan the perfect night out? Millennials, also known as the Millennial Generation or the Generation Y, require three (3) criteria for planning their perfect outing experience;

  1. A Cool place
  2. an Affordable place and
  3. A place crowded with Cool people.

Introducing AMAZedNOW, the first “all in one” mobile application with multiple features to help you answer the eternal question “What to do and Where to go” tonight– thus – NOW.

Not only thousands of Cool spots are displayed in our ”Where to eat” and “Where to hang out” sections but we also have hundreds of events and deals updated daily in “Today’s Finest Events” and deals in “Today’s Best Deals” sections.

Still not convince AMAZedNOW is unique?

Try our feature “Planner” to find great night out ideas that fit perfectly to your mood. Feeling lucky? Try our Daily’s Deals Gamification feature to earn extra discount to your favorites hang out spots.