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While I love a classic drink, or a funky twist to it, there is nothing more exciting than discovering new ones you can’t find anywhere else. Montreal counts so many independent bars, some more out there than others, and one great way to differentiate themselves is by getting a mixologist on board to concoct unique recipes. Let’s check out Montreal’s best house cocktails, should you like to try something different on your next night out.


Le Mal Nécessaire

1106B Saint-Laurent

Of course Montreal’s favourite tiki bar is on this list! With a drink you can literally enjoy straight out of a pineapple, it is without surprise their exhaustive house cocktail menu will have you coming back as often as possible.


Image Tourisme Montreal


451 Rachel E.

The Plateau cocktail lounge just updated their menu, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. The cocktail bar also serves as a tea room with its British-inspired decor, so it is without surprise they’ve got a cocktail in a fancy little cup. They’ve also got a killer goji berry drink you have got to TRY!


Image Mayfair 


92 Avenue Laurier O.

Datcha’s little sister is a cozy little bar perfect to for a first date or to bring your friends from out of town. This hole in the wall offers Russian-inspired cocktails (think Moscow Mule) and you can hop on the other side to dance it off all night long.


Image Yelp


115 Laurier O.

Montreal’s beloved Baldwin Barmacie (RIP!) was replaced by Henrietta, a new neighbourhood spot you’ve got to try! It is the same owners and the same cool vibe as before, just a different concept all together. The Portuguese ambiance is inspired by Alexandre Baldwin’s origins and it will become your new to-go spot on Laurier Avenue.


Image Quebec Original

La Distillerie

Multiple locations

Hipsters, rejoice. La Distillerie offers delicious drinks in mason jars in a groovy ambiance. With multiple locations all over town, there is no excuse for you to pop by for your favorite house cocktail.


Image Like a local guide


Multiple locations

With one location on Notre-Dame in the old port and one on Bernard in the Mile End, their exhaustive house cocktail list will have you ordering one after the other all night long.


Image The Main MTL 

Featured Image Eater

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Cocktail series: Best house cocktails in the city

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